Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Updated APRIL 2021

Questions about Consultations

Do you do free consultations/measurements?
Yes, we can do a free in home consultation if you live locally. If you are a bit farther away from our shop (such as Seattle, Port Orchard, etc), you may have to wait until we are in the area, or we charge a small fee that you can apply to your project.

Questions about Products

Where can I see samples/slabs of quartz or granite?

Please feel free to visit our shop during business hours to look at samples in our showroom. We also have a remnant yard. To view a full selection of slabs, you’ll need to visit warehouses such as Pental, Cosmos, MSI, etc.

Do you work with solid surface or laminate?
No, at this time we do not work with solid surface or laminate.
Do you work with Cambria Quartz?

Yes, we work with Cambria Quartz.

Do you work with concrete?
No, at this time we do not work with concrete.

Questions about Quotes/Estimates

How do I get a quote?
The best way is to e-mail us a blueprint or drawing with measurements to For non-installation jobs such as repair work or resealing, please send photos of your existing countertops. Please also let us know your city and zipcode.

Questions about Installation

How long does the whole process take?

From the first measurements to the final installation, the whole process can take about three or four weeks (depending on our schedule) for an average sized kitchen. (About 40-50 sq ft) For smaller projects, it usually takes two to three weeks or so, depending on our schedule. For Cambria projects, it may take a bit longer since it is considered a “special order”. Installations usually take a whole day, but for larger projects (such as a kitchen and multiple bathrooms) it may take several days.

Do you sell sinks or faucets?
Yes, please contact us to see what sinks and faucets we have available. You can also purchase your own sink and have it ready at the time of template. Or bring it to our shop or have it delivered to us before the installation date.

Questions about Small Projects

Do you have leftover pieces/remnants?
Yes! Please feel free to visit our shop during our regular business hours to check out what we have. Our selection changes every week or so.
Do you repair countertops?
Yes. Please send us photos to or contact us to schedule an in home consultation to see if your crack/chip is repairable.
Do you refinish or reseal granite countertops?
Yes. Please send us photos to

Questions about Paying Bills

Do you accept credit/debit cards?
Yes. Feel free to visit our shop to pay in person or call us to pay over the phone.
Do you accept checks?
Yes. We collect checks right after the installation is complete. For deposit payments, feel free to visit our shop to pay in person or send a check to our address.
What are your payment terms?

For most kitchen and bathroom countertop projects, we require a minimum 60% deposit before ordering materials and before the template date. A higher deposit may be required for special order materials such as Lapitec, Dekton, etc. Another 25% is due before installation date. The remaining balance is due on the day of installation. If there are changes made after the template and the invoice increases, we may need to collect another partial payment to keep the deposit at 60%.


For small pick up orders such as shower curbs, windowsills, etc, we collect 100% up front.


For hourly jobs, we collect a 60% deposit from the estimate and adjust the invoice on the actual time if needed.

Questions about Employment Opportunities

Are you hiring for fabricators/installers?
We are always accepting applications for reliable fabricators and installers. We’re a small company and we prefer to hire someone who can do both. Pay depends on experience. Send us your resume to or call us at our office.