Granite Barbeque Top Gig Harbor


In a high-end barbecue kitchen design, the grill itself is only one part of the equation; another major aspect is the material you choose for your countertops. With our granite barbeque top Gig Harbor, WA, it will not only determine how your barbeque looks but also how it performs over time.

Our granite barbeque top Gig Harbor can stand up to the rigors of cooking in the great outdoors. Besides, our granite barbeque top is elegant, luxurious, and available in a wide variety of colors.

For a granite barbeque top Gig Harbor that can be worked into custom designs and edge, we at Rockwood Granite are one of the best in the industry. We offer these options:

  • Granite tops
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Granite BBQ Gig Harbor


Our granite BBQ Gig Harbor is one of the most durable materials you can choose for your outdoor barbeque countertop. The major reasons why our granite BBQ Gig Harbor makes for a great choice is because it is a hard stone, it can tolerate heat, and it does not chip or scratch easily.

Granite BBQ Gig Harbor is more resistant to stains than some other types of natural stone as well. Installation of a granite BBQ Gig Harbor is complicated by the fact that granite is very heavy, but we can do the job!

Have a durable heat resistant BBQ platform, when you opt for our granite BBQ Gig Harbor. With us you get these great choices:

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Quartz BBQ Top Gig Harbor


If durability is one of your prime concerns when it comes to choosing your barbeque top work surface, you will not be disappointed with our quartz BBQ top Gig Harbor. These are man-made, engineered stone counters, so our quartz BBQ top Gig Harbor selections have been specifically designed with toughness in mind.

With our Quartz BBQ Top Gig Harbor, it can easily resist stains and scratches, and the surface requires no sealants or waxes, making it an ideal choice for busy families. Compared to granite, which usually requires a fresh protective top coat about once a year, our quartz BBQ top Gig harbor is practically maintenance-free.

For having quartz BBQ Top Gig Harbor built to last, we are your best bet. With us you get these great choices:

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  • Various colors quartz countertops
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