Granite Countertops Bonney Lake

Bonney Lake Granite Countertops


Granite is one of the hardest materials you make use of in your home for a variety of purposes and enjoys popularity as a construction material for kitchen countertops.

Being built from one of the toughest and longest lasting materials found in nature, Rockwood & Granite Fabrication’s kitchen granite countertops and granite vanities are a great way to not only add a unique style element to the ambience of your Bonney Lake home, but also incredible functionality as well.

Keeping well-maintained granite countertops can definitely add a dash of style to the kitchen, with the only maintenance required being the cleaning of its surfaces on a regular basis using the right cleaners.

As a daily maintenance ritual, the most care your Rockwood & Granite Fabrication’s kitchen granite countertops will require is a wipe down with a damp cloth.

Bonney Lake Kitchen Granite Countertops


Bonney Lake residents who have done their research will know that granite does not scratch or dent easily.

However, as with all the things, using care in the maintenance of your kitchen granite countertops and granite vanities is always recommended.

Using the right cleaning and maintenance methods and is always a good idea if Bonney Lake homeowners wish to prolong the life and value of the kitchen granite countertops you have installed.

After a while, the shiny finish of the granite may be worn out

This is not an unusual or permanent occurrence, but it does require:

  • Reapplication of a sealer once every year to keep it safe from liquids
  • Re-polishing it to give it that new look, while keeping it suitable for usage as well

Installing a granite countertop made from high-grade granite means a much lesser requirement for re-sealing and re-polishing.

Bonney Lake Granite Vanities


The regular cleaning of a kitchen granite countertop does not require that much effort, requiring only daily wipe using dishwashing soap and lukewarm water. This should be enough for cleaning any stain off the granite vanities.

However, attempting to clean granite by using acidic cleaners, even those with lemon or lime, is not a good idea since fundamentally it is a type of stone and could corrode irreparably.

Bonney Lake residents can choose from a large variety of kitchen granite countertops and granite vanities to suit your specific design needs. You can enjoy peace of mind thanks to a durable, useful and the extremely stylish compliment to the design scheme of your Bonney Lake home.

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