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Lacey Granite Countertops


Being a family-owned business ourselves, we know better than anyone that running a home is a full time occupation in itself. At Rockwood Granite & Fabrication we believe in performing our job quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to your Lacey home in terms of time and space.

Give us a call and find out how you can upgrade your homes ambience with the granite countertops of your choice.

Our expert granite countertop installers in Lacey are seeing a great spurt in customer demands for installing our premium granite countertops in their kitchens and bathroom.

The style and grace of a well-installed granite countertops or granite vanities adds a unique flavor to your Lacey home design. The ease of maintenance offered by these kitchen granite countertops, combined with their extreme durability has made them a definite favorite of Lacey homeowners who wish to invest in a stylish yet functional installation.

Lacey Kitchen Granite Countertops


Rockwood Granite & Fabrication’s granite vanities and kitchen granite countertops are the top choice of Lacey homeowners since they are extremely durable, affordable and stylish, adding significant value to the property over many other home improvements.

The hardness of granite is second only to that of a diamond. Combined with features like their versatility and durability and the easy maintainability of granite countertops, they have become the preferred choice of our Lacey customers.

They can bear the heaviest loads with great ease and spills and scratches are few and far between, thanks to the legendary toughness of granite.

Another one of the biggest reasons for the popularity of Rockwood & Granite Fabrication’s granite countertops is that Lacey homeowners can now choose from hundreds of color combinations to suit the existing design of their home or to install something fresh and unique which stands out.

With a wide number of variations of red, brown, black, green, white, and blue, getting the perfect kitchen granite countertops or granite vanities has never been easier. Beige and brown shades are also since they fit in well all the various kitchen color schemes which allows for great ease in remodeling operations which may be carried out later.

Lacey Granite Vanities


Rockwood & Granite Fabrication’s kitchen granite countertops are available in a wide variety of finishes as well, giving Lacey homeowners numerous options in terms of picking the right designs for their home.

In fact, the sheer number of the combinations of these finishes and color means that Lacey homeowners can now choose from a virtually infinite number of design combinations, making their home truly stand out.

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