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Puyallup Granite Countertops


If Puyallup residents have decided to get the best flooring, furniture, drapes, wallpapers and tiles for your home, why not give your cooking area a thought too? Those in the know about kitchen granite countertops will attest to them being one of the most useful and attractive additions to a kitchen.

Rockwood & Granite Fabrication brings you the kitchen granite countertops, which not only look good, but also are as unbreakable as your love for your family.

With an impressive variety of colors and finishes for your kitchen granite countertops or bathroom granite vanities, Puyallup homeowners are gravitating towards getting the beauty of high-quality granite countertops in their homes.

With the variations in the available finishes, you can rest assured that the granite countertops installed in your kitchen or bathrooms will not only be beautiful, tough and useful, but unique as well.

Puyallup Kitchen Granite Countertops


Since this is an installation that will probably last as long as the house itself, making the right decision is very important. To facilitate the successful completion of this decision making process, we present a simple guide to picking out the best color for your Puyallup home.

The choice of colors in kitchen granite countertops and granite vanities can be made from two categories:

  • Dark Colors: Some of the more popular dark colors are green, brown and black
  • Light Colors: Colors like light brown, cream, beige, yellow and white

Darker colors are extremely popular with many Puyallup homeowners, since they can effectively create an ambience, which radiates warmth and originality. For this reason, darker colors of granite countertops are best suited to being installed in large kitchens.

Dark shades also have a large variety of secondary colors, which help the granite countertops blend in with the existing design scheme of your Puyallup home.

Lighter colors are also very popular among Puyallup homeowners given their ability to not only brighten the kitchen but to also make it seem larger than it is in the process. Brighter colored kitchen granite countertops can easily blend in with your existing cabinets and interior decorations without clashing.

Puyallup Granite Vanities


Deciding on the right color and design is often the biggest obstacle Puyallup homeowners have to face when it comes to deciding on the look of their kitchen granite countertops and granite vanities.

Rockwood & Granite Fabrication knows that being such a subjective decision, everyone has their own tastes and opinions when it comes to the visual aesthetics of the kitchen. So call us today and see the wide variety of options just waiting for you and your Puyallup home.

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