Granite Renton

Renton Granite Countertops


Granite is a popular stone that is used in the construction of granite countertops or granite vanities in Renton, WA. Homeowners in Renton are choosing granite countertops over other popular natural stones to design their kitchens.

Our fabrication of kitchen granite countertops is quite popular with Renton homeowners who are well versed with the value of granite countertops and granite vanities. We at Rockwood & Granite Fabrication serve the Renton area and offer services related to:

  • Granite countertops
  • Kitchen granite countertops
  • Granite vanities
  • Engineered granite products
  • Marble countertops

Granite stone is durable and heat resistant; therefore, granite has become a popular choice over other stone. We can help you to convert your Renton house into a more modern and beautiful place by installing granite countertops or kitchen granite countertops.

Renton Kitchen Granite Countertops


The versatile and custom-made kitchen granite countertops and granite vanities offered by the professionals of our company are sure to attract the attention of Renton homeowners. Granite stone adds a unique touch to your house. Renton residents can choose from differently colored granite stones and from a variety of granite countertops, kitchen granite countertops, and granite vanities.

Some of the benefits of granite or granite countertops are:

  • Kitchen granite countertops are affordabl
  • Each granite stone has its uniqueness
  • Granite countertops look great with any décor
  • People admire the beauty of granite stone
  • Kitchen granite countertops and granite vanities are scratch proof

Renton area residents can choose from a range of granite countertops, granite vanities, or kitchen granite countertops depending upon their budget and style.

Renton Granite Vanities


When looking for granite vanities, Renton area commercial, as well as residential, owners want to keep the functionality of granite countertops in mind. However, bathroom countertops are not required to be as steady as kitchen granite countertops, which make them an even more affordable choice in the bathroom.

We offer granite vanities services to Renton residents at affordable prices so that their bathrooms look as beautiful as the rest of the house. Our range of granite countertops services in Renton includes:

  • Installations of granite vanities
  • Granite design consultation
  • Customized kitchen granite countertops
  • Kitchen granite countertops installation

By installing granite stone or granite vanities, Renton homeowners can easily make a style statement. To learn more about our services related to granite countertops, granite vanities, or kitchen granite countertops, call Rockwood & Granite Fabrication at (253) 777-3885.