Granite University Place

University Place Granite Countertops


As you will be spending a lot of your time and money choosing the most appropriate and stylish kitchen granite countertops or granite vanities, it is essential to make your decision with care.

We can offer our University Place customers the following advantages:

  • A wide range of options, in terms of granite colors and patterns
  • Superior quality granite
  • Perfectly cut and finished according to your need
  • Reasonably priced
  • Expert installation services

Rockwood & Granite Fabrication is a name University Place homeowners can depend upon for kitchen granite countertops and bathroom granite vanities. We are theright choice to ensure that you will be able to enjoy the timeless beauty of your granite countertops for a long time to come.

University Place Kitchen Granite Countertops


Granite has emerged as a preferred choice of many University Place homeowners, due to plenty of favorable qualities. Although there are many other materials available for countertops, such as stone and tiles, the beauty and functionality of kitchen granite countertops is incomparable.

Residents of University Place,who desire an elegant and functional design, can opt for kitchen granite countertops in varied colors and textures. It is not only pleasing to look at but requires little maintenance as well.

You can easily remove spills or crumbs with a cloth and bring back the sparkling shine of your kitchen granite countertops.

Not only your kitchen, but granite can lend an appealing touch to any area of your University Place home, be it the bathroom with granite vanities, floors or fireplaces. Its high durability and versatility are other reasons which can be accredited for its wide spread use.

University Place Granite Vanities


Your bathroom countertops go through a lot of wear and tear and that is why they need to be strong and durable. Granite vanities and granite countertops make the perfect option as it is easy to clean, maintenance free and highly durable and long lasting.

You no longer have to worry about staining or burning your counter tops as granite can easily withstand all such things.

Professionally installed granite vanities and kitchen granite countertops brilliantly enhance the appeal of your kitchen or bathroom. University Place homeowners will be amazed by the difference it can bring to any area, with its clean and sparkling appearance.

Rockwood & Granite Fabrication can help University Place residents choose the perfect match for your existing décor.