Vashon Island Granite Countertops

Vashon Island Granite Countertops


If you are looking for the best granite countertops in Vashon Island, WA, Rockwood Granite Fabrication is your company. Our company is one of the highest-rated Vashon Island granite countertops providers. Our customers for our Vashon Island granite countertops speak highly of the quality of our products and services.

You can easily find their testimonials on our website or other ranking websites.

As a company that has been operating for the past twelve years, we aim to provide more than just quality Vashon island granite countertops. We also excel at providing the best customer service in the region.

Rest assured that we will get in touch with you immediately you reach us for a quotation on our Vashon Island granite countertops. This is because we believe that all-rounded value and convenience are vital since customers today value more than just quality Vashon Island granite countertops.

Some of our Vashon Island granite countertops services include:

  • Granite countertop installation
  • Granite countertop chip repair
  • Granite counter crack repair
  • Granite sealer application

For the best Vashon Island granite countertops and associated services, reach our dedicated team at Rockwood Granite Fabrication today.

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Vashon Island Granite Countertop


Home improvements are common among new and experienced homeowners. Replacing countertops is one of the most popular home improvement actions, as counters can completely change a house’s appearance. If you are looking for a quality Vashon Island granite countertop, you are in the right place.

Rockwood Granite Fabrication is one of the biggest dealers in various Vashon Island granite countertop options. When you choose us, we will deliver a Vashon Island granite countertop that will serve you for over thirty years, free from stains and cracks.

Our Vashon Island granite countertop installations typically start with site measurements and estimations. This allows homeowners to plan adequately for their Vashon Island granite countertop installations and also allows us to carry adequate materials for your home improvement project. Feel welcome to reach us for estimates as they are free.

Some of our Vashon Island granite countertop services include:

  • Granite countertop buffing
  • Countertop re-polishing
  • Countertop fabrication
  • Granite sink upgrades

Feel free to reach us at Rockwood Granite Fabrication for the best Vashon Island granite countertop.

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Vashon Island Granite Vanities


Are you tired of your bathroom looking the same way it always has? Well, Rockwood Granite Fabrication has good news for you. We are here to give your bathroom a complete overhaul by providing and installing the best Vashon Island granite vanities in the market.

We are a full-service company, and as such, you will not need to hire a separate company for installations after you buy our Vashon island granite vanities. Our Vashon island granite vanities installers are always available, so we can give your bathrooms a makeover any time you wish.

Further, when you choose our Vashon Island granite vanities, you will be met with numerous options as we carry thousands of style and color options. Therefore, rest assured that we have befitting Vashon Island granite vanities for you regardless of your home’s style or theme color.

Our Vashon Island granite vanities options include:

  • Vessel-sink granite vanities
  • Cabinet-style granite vanities
  • Drop-in sink granite vanities
  • Framed sink vanities

For the most recommended Vashon Island granite vanities, reach Rockwood Granite Fabrication today.

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