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Granite Countertops Lakewood


An increasing number of Lakewood homeowners are now enquiring about installing one of Rockwood Granite Fabrication’s granite countertops in their home’s kitchens.

The primary attraction of granite countertops for many of these homeowners is the incredibly stylish ambience they bring to the inside of the house they are installed in.

As many responsible Lakewood homeowners already know, beauty does not equal functionality.

This is why the inherent qualities of granite countertops make it the perfect choice for kitchen countertops as well as granite vanities for your bathrooms.

Kitchen Granite Countertops Lakewood

Investing in the installation of kitchen granite countertops in your Lakewood residence means taking time to fully analyze and understand both the advantages and disadvantages of installing a counter top made of granite from Rockwood & Granite Fabrication in your home.

Here are a few advantages of installing granite countertops or granite vanities:

  • Durability
  • Heatproof
  • Water, stain resistance
  • Easy Maintenance

Durability is a given when you are talking about installing a granite countertop. Made of a material, which is one of the hardest substances known to man, these granite countertops can last virtually forever if they are cared for properly by the Lakewood homeowner. This means there is absolutely no cause for concern regarding costs incurred in replacing this counter tops anytime soon

Kitchen granite countertops never experience damage because of heat, since granite is created by extreme heat and pressure. Even the hottest pan coming straight out of an oven will not be able to leave even a single mark on the kitchen granite countertops installed in your Lakewood home.

Granite’s toughness allows it to resist damage by water or other liquids for extended periods, preventing any staining or the spread of bacteria. Water does not seep into it to cause damage, which means a kitchen granite countertop is a great defense against any accidental spills.

Granite Vanities Lakewood


Rockwood & Granite Fabrication’s kitchen granite countertops and granite vanities are a breeze when it comes to cleaning. Almost any mess can just be wiped off our granite countertops using nothing other than some warm water and detergent.

Even if you need to use powerful chemical cleaners to clear a spill stain, you can do so without worrying about damaging the countertops.

Getting the right kitchen granite countertops and granite vanities has never been easier for Lakewood residents. Just call Rockwood & Granite Fabrication today and get your home the stylish ambience it deserves at the best prices.