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For homeowners in Shelton, looking for a low maintenance but impressive option to renovate their kitchen countertops, granite makes a perfect choice.

Granite is such a favored option, being used extensively for varied purposes, because it can hold its natural charm and elegance for a long time. Even with regular maintenance you can keep it glowing and sparkling for years.

>Another highly appealing aspect of kitchen granite countertops and bathroom granite vanities is its exclusive appearance. As it is a naturally forming material, thus every piece of granite has a unique pattern, which is unlike any other.

The anti-microbial quality of granite, along with being stain, heat and scratch resistant, makes it safe to be installed in your kitchen or bathroom, where maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is paramount.

It is this uniqueness and exclusivity of granite countertops, besides other favorable qualities like durability and sturdiness, which make thesea highly preferred choice of people in and around Shelton.

Granite Vanities Shelton


Rockwood Granite Fabrication recommends some of the places where granite can prove to be a great choice:

  • Kitchen countertops
  • Bathroom vanities
  • Gardens
  • Fireplaces
  • Floors
  • Stairs
Wherever the Shelton homeowner wishes to install a granite countertop, it is very important to choose the granite color carefully, as it can make a significant impact on the appearance of that area.

The Shelton homeowner can choose from a wide range of colors, including black, gray, brown, blue, beige and pink. Take into consideration the lighting, size and the other items placed in that room and then choose a color for your granite countertops that compliments the entire ambiance perfectly.

Granite Countertops Shelton


By hiring professionals at Rockwood Granite Fabrication, you can rest assured that the whole process of installing kitchen granite countertopsand granite vanities will be completed without interrupting your routine and lifestyle.

With our expertise and experience,we can provide you the expert services required for the installation of exceptional looking and impressive kitchen granite countertops.

We can also help you choose the most suitable color, patter, design and size of granite that will efficiently serve your purpose, while staying within your budget.

If you wish to give a new look and appearance to your kitchen or bathroom, then make the right choice by installing granite countertops and granite vanities, which will not only look beautiful for many years, but also prove to be a worthy addition by enhancing the value of yourShelton home.