Marble Countertops Gig Harbor

Gig Harbor Marble Countertops


Owing to the exquisiteness that marble countertops add to any property, marble kitchen countertops and marble bathroom vanities have become a preferred choice of the majority of Gig Harbor, WA residents. When it comes to choosing countertops for their kitchens and bathrooms, they simply select marble countertops.

If you are looking for attractive marble countertops in Gig Harbor, come to us at Rockwood & Granite Fabrication. We provide stylish marble countertops, including marble kitchen countertops and marble bathroom vanities. With a wide range of marble countertops to choose from, you can easily select an option that complements the décor of your Gig Harbor property. The following can be expected from us:

  • Hard-wearing marble countertops
  • Diverse patterns for marble countertops
  • Quality marble countertops
  • Affordable marble countertops
  • Marble countertops for Gig Harbor commercial and residential properties

Gig Harbor Marble Kitchen Countertops


Marble is still one of the most sought after materials and this is evident from the popularity of marble countertops in Gig Harbor. When it comes to choosing a kitchen countertop, marble kitchen countertops have become an ideal choice for Gig Harbor homeowners. The benefits of marble kitchen countertops include:

  • Marble kitchen countertops are robust
  • Marble kitchen countertops beautify your Gig Harbor property
  • Marble kitchen countertops are heat resistant
  • Marble kitchen countertops can be easily installed
  • Marble kitchen countertops do not get easily damaged

To get quality marble kitchen countertops designed for your Gig Harbor realty, rely on us. We also offer meticulous service to carefully and safely install your marble kitchen countertops.

Gig Harbor Marble Bathroom Vanities


Like marble kitchen countertops, marble bathroom vanities have gained huge popularity in Gig Harbor. Marble bathroom vanities are not only robust, but can add long-lasting visual appeal to your Gig Harbor property.

Offering proficient design and installation of marble bathroom vanities, showers and tub surrounds, we are a one stop shop for fulfilling your marble countertops needs. We offer a myriad of designs and patterns to enable you to choose suitable marble bathroom vanities for your Gig Harbor property.

We provide:

  • Attractive marble bathroom vanities
  • Beautifully-designed marble bathroom vanities
  • Fire resistant marble bathroom vanities
  • Strong marble bathroom vanities
  • Easy-to-clean marble bathroom vanities

For durable marble bathroom vanities and kitchen countertops, Gig Harbor residents can call Rockwood & Granite Fabrication at (253) 777-3885.