Marble Countertops Renton

Renton Marble Countertops


Everyone in Renton, WA would agree that marble is among the most preferred building materials of builders, architects and property owners. One major reason for this is the luxurious look and exclusively-patterned appearance of marble.

We, at Rockwood & Granite Fabrication help bring the sublime beauty of marble to homes and commercial properties by installing marble countertops. We are known for providing quality marble countertops to Renton residents at a fair price. We ensure that:

  • Marble countertops are cut and fabricated to precise measurements
  • Fine-quality marble slabs are used to make the countertops
  • Installation of marble countertops in Renton properties is done seamlessly

Our top-notch marble countertops beautify Renton properties and enhance the daily living of property owners.

Renton Marble Kitchen Countertops


Marble kitchen countertops are a wonderful option for both new constructions and kitchen remodel projects. The benefits of investing in marble kitchen countertops in any Renton kitchen are many. The rich-looking, hard-wearing, marble kitchen countertops:

  • Enhance the aesthetics of the kitchen
  • Increase the efficiency of the cooking area
  • Reflect the refined taste of the property owner
  • Boost the resale value of the property

We are proud to be a trusted source for customized marble kitchen countertops in Renton. Our stone company assures its customers of marble kitchen countertops that offer outstanding value for the money.

The marble kitchen countertops installed by us in Renton kitchens fit perfectly in the countertop space, complement the kitchen décor, and can withstand constant, heavy use for years to come.

Renton Marble Bathroom Vanities


The capabilities of our stone company go beyond making marble countertops. Our services are also available for designing, fabricating and installing:

  • Marble bathroom vanities
  • Shower surrounds made of marble
  • Bathtub surrounds made with marble

We install slab marble bathroom vanities for Renton property owners who want elegant vanities that are also easy to clean & maintain. With our large inventory of marble slabs, we can provide marble bathroom vanities in just the veining pattern and color that our customers want.

Our top-notch materials, combined with unmatched cutting & installation skills, create marble bathroom vanities that Renton residents love to have in their homes.

Call us now for a free, on-site estimate and design of marble shower/tub surrounds and marble bathroom vanities for your Renton property!

Want marble countertops, marble bathroom vanities, or marble shower/tub surrounds installed in your Renton home or business place? Call Rockwood & Granite Fabrication at (253) 777-3885.