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Marble countertops bring beauty, durability, and class to any room in your home. Whether you are installing marble countertops in your kitchen, bathroom, or office, nothing can duplicate the look of marble.

  • Marble Vanities For Bathrooms
  • Marble Countertops for Kitchens
  • Marble Showers and Tub Surrounds

The possibilities are endless for using this stone of beauty, and the experts at Rockwood & Granite Fabrication can help you determine and design the perfect look for your home.

Marble Vanities Spanaway

Marble Vanities for Bathrooms

Marble has been used to beautify the bathroom areas for hundreds of years and has become synonymous with class and style.

However what many people don’t think about is that there is nothing that restricts the use of marble vanities for bathrooms. In fact today many homes are bringing this beautiful stone out to other rooms and functions in the home. Kitchen countertops, marble tile walkways, office desks, bar countertops, and the list goes on.

font-family: verdana,geneva;">If you are looking to expand beyond marble vanities for bathrooms, let the experts at Rockwood & Granite Fabrication help!

Marble Showers Spanaway

Marble Vanities and Marble Showers Tacoma • Spanaway

Did you know that marble vanities and marble showers don’t have to be tiled? Many people resist the thought of marble vanities and marble showers because they don’t want to clean grout for the rest of their lives. However Rockwood & Granite Fabrication can install slab marble vanities and marble showers so that you’ll never need to clean grout in your bathroom again.

  • Marble is Beautiful in Slab or Tile Form
  • Marble is Easy to Clean and Maintain your Bathroom
  • Marble comes in Hundreds of Different Colors and Looks

Using a slab for your marble vanities and marble showers also helps protect your home from water damage. A solid slab has no cracks or grout lines for water to seep thru and hence is a better seal for your shower or tub.Rockwood & Granite Fabrication has been helping homes all around the Tacoma, Spanaway, Seattle area beautify their home with marble vanities, marble showers, marble countertops and more.

Call Rockwood & Granite Fabrication today and see how your home can fall in love with the look of marble!