Marble Countertops Add Beauty to Tacoma

Marble Countertops Tacoma


Remodeling your home, especially the kitchen or bathroom, can be much easier with the endless choices available for marble countertops on the market.

Rockwood Granite Fabrication offers exquisite quality marble countertops for Tacoma, WA homes and businesses.

With our vast range of marble countertops, choosing the most appropriate ones that fit your needs and tastes will not be difficult.

You can choose to install marble countertops in Tacoma for your:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Restaurant
  • Tabletops

Contrary to the belief that marble countertops are highly priced, we provide you affordable varieties of marble countertops and marble bathroom vanities. You can choose from the various colors we have for marble countertops to give your home a stylish look.

Marble Kitchen Countertops Tacoma


A comparison of marble kitchen countertops vs. granite countertops in your Tacoma home will give you many more benefits when you use marble. Having marble kitchen countertops in your home will provide a product that:

  • Blends with the existing décor
  • Is available in many styles and colors
  • Is easy to maintain
  • Is affordable

When compared with granite, marble kitchen countertops cost is actually lower than you'd expect, which means that you can easily use it in your home.

If you are unable to choose the most suitable marble kitchen countertops for your Tacoma home, our experts can help you find the appropriate countertops that are within your budget.

Marble Bathroom Vanities Tacoma


Marble is now being increasingly used in bathrooms as well as kitchens. Traditionally used only for countertops, you can now find marble bathroom vanities in many Tacoma homes. With matching marble bathroom vanities, you can give your bathroom a stylish and elegant look.

Marble can be used in your bathroom in a variety of ways, including:

  • Marble bathroom sinks
  • Tub surrounds
  • Showers
  • Countertops
  • Vanities

Our numerous marble bathroom designs will make it easy to choose the most suitable marble bathroom vanities or showers for your Tacoma home.

Better yet, you can rely on our highly qualified, experienced, and skilled professionals for precise installation of different marble bathroom vanities and other amenities.

Equipped with the latest tools and equipment, they can take precise measurements and install all marble correctly.

If you have been looking for the assistance of a reputed company that deals in marble kitchen countertops and marble bathroom vanities in Tacoma, call Rockwood Granite & Fabrication at 253-777-3885.