Quartz Countertops Seattle

Quartz Countertops Seattle


Planning to have new countertops installed in your home or business? Consider investing in quartz countertops. For Seattle, WA property owners, quartz kitchen and bathroom countertops are a good option if what they want is stone surfaces that are:

  • Extremely beautiful
  • Highly resistant to stains and scratches
  • Not easily damaged by exposure to moisture, heat or chemicals
  • Able to withstand heavy usage

Quite a few property owners wonder- what is a quartz countertop? Most people do not look beyond the conventional options like marble and granite when they need countertops. Therefore, they remain unaware of equally wonderful alternatives like quartz countertops that are made with an engineered stone containing 90% natural mineral and 10% polymer resins.

At Rockwood Granite Fabrication, we specialize in fabricating and installing quartz countertops for Seattle properties. Give us a call if you would like to have a quartz bathroom or kitchen countertop installed.

Quartz Kitchen Seattle


Quartz countertops tend to make a wonderful addition to the kitchen. You can expect significant improvement in the aesthetics and efficiency of your cooking space after quartz kitchen islands and counters are installed.

Come to us if you are interested in quartz kitchen countertops in your Seattle home. We provide highly customized services to complete your project for quartz kitchen surfaces with the beautiful results you have envisioned. We:

  • Offer you the choice of slabs in many hues and designs
  • Receive the quartz kitchen counters and islands made to precise measurements
  • Have your quartz countertops installed carefully to make a perfect fit

We are able to handle any job, big or small; simple or complex. You can also call us to install quartz kitchen sinks.

Quartz Bathroom Seattle


Many of our jobs also involve putting quartz countertops in the bathroom. We also have extensive experience in crafting quartz bathroom sinks for Seattle properties.

No matter what type of quartz bathroom surface we are installing, we make sure that the project is completed in a timely, efficient, professional and cost-effective manner. We are proud to note that our sincere, service-oriented and customer-centric approach has made us the first choice of people who need quartz bathroom vanity tops, and sinks for their:

  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Commercial buildings

Call (253) 777-3885 to discuss your project for quartz bathroom or kitchen countertops in Seattle with the experts at Rockwood Granite Fabrication.