Quartz Countertops University Place

Quartz Countertops University Place


Rockwood Granite Fabrication is a leading stone company that specializes in designing and installing quartz countertops fora University Place, WA properties. Though quartz is becoming increasingly popular as a countertop material, there are still many property owners who are unaware of the benefits of investing in quartz kitchen or bathroom countertops.

Are you too not sure about what is a quartz countertop? Quartz bathroom or kitchen countertop are a countertop made from an engineered stone. 90% of it is crushed quartz that is mined from deep inside the earth and the remaining 10% is polymer resins.

Comparing quartz countertops vs granite or marble for your countertop materials you will find quartz kitchen or bath counters offer:

More distinctive look

  • Wider variety in colors
  • Better strength and durability
  • More bacteria-resistance and hygienic properties

If you are interested in installing quartz countertops to enhance your University Place property, call us now!

Quartz Kitchen University Place


You want to make sure that your kitchen has countertops that:

  • Are convenient to work on
  • Do not require much effort to clean and maintain
  • Have a rich, sophisticated look
  • Create a warm, inviting ambience

We offer the ideal material – quartz kitchen countertops. In fact, we can also design and install other kitchen surfaces in quartz. Those might include a quartz kitchen island, quartz kitchen table, and quartz kitchen sinks in your University Place home.

Our best designers, fabricator and installers will help you make the quartz countertops for your kitchen that you will be proud to have for many years to come.

Quartz Bathroom University Place


Quartz countertops make an excellent choice for bathrooms as well. Being non-porous and filled with resins, quartz bathroom countertops handle moisture well and are also stain-resistant.

You can have quartz bathroom vanity tops, quartz shower or quartz bathroom sinks installed in your University Place property without worrying about the bath oils, washes or creams leaving unsightly stains on the surfaces.

When you choose us to install your quartz bathroom surfaces you will with the full assurance that the job will be done:

  • With premium-quality quartz bathroom tiles and slabs
  • By well-trained technicians
  • At the most competitive prices
  • To meet and exceed your expectations

Contact Rockwood & Granite Fabrication to discuss your needs for quartz countertops in University Place and check out the options in quartz countertops colors. Call (253) 777-3885.